} being well

The multitude of theories, models, and formulas available for living into meaningful change in one's personal and professional life can easily be overwhelming.

The self-help, pop psychology, and coaching/change management business is booming and everyone has an angle to sell. It is easy to want to "buy into" a technique or "theory" and convince one's self that a particular approach is just what is needed for the challenges or obstacles being faced. But what is needed is discernment. Awareness. Critical and creative thinking. Bottom line: no one can sell you a quick fix.

And, in truth, you only need one approach...the one that is right for you and the present situation. To get to that, you have to resist the desire to buy into someone else's philosophy or belief system and work at understanding your own more intimately.

Rochelle's work with 'being well' is focused on assisting clients in synthesizing and customizing an efficient approach to reaching goals. This includes efforts around:

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