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Rochelle's background in corporate, academic and educational environments (see bio) has enabled her to develop coaching expertise across a number of areas of life. She has been in numerous roles, including: a public relations professional, executive coach, teacher, student, counselor, relationship coach, health educator, wellness teacher, mindfulness teacher, stress-management lecturer ... and her personal growth and professional endeavors continue. As a personal coach and consultant, her mission is simple:

"I want to help people cut through all of the hype and help them discover and synthesize approaches that actually work for them-- be it with managing health and wellness or with driving toward creative, professional, and life goals.

Philosophically, I aspire to help people reconnect with their authentic beliefs and essential self. The hectic nature of day-to-day life can leave people with a sense that they are disconnected from who they really want to be, and how they really want to 'show up' in life.

Ultimately, my goal as a wellness coach is to facilitate expanded awareness for my clients as they move toward authentic wellness, mindful living and an abundant, balanced life."

You can contact Rochelle at rochelle@beingwellconsulting.com to arrange an initial consultation.